360Human Virtual Tours is a tech driven real estate reality capture service provider based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our offering has been proven to attract more online shoppers by enabling them to experience a property as if they were really there. Since 92% of all home shoppers begin their search online, it is critical you present your property/venues in ways that are interactive and visually engaging to capture the attention of these online buyers.

We also have the capability to generate high quality 2D snapshots, floor plans, measurements, and create guided virtual tours to show off a property exactly the way you want to.


What is 3D Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tour allows potential customers to experience real world spaces from their phones or desktop, and in virtual reality through a VR gear. It feels so real as if you were there physically!

How long does it take to scan a typical home?

On average, it takes about 45 minutes to scan 1,000 square feet (93 meters squared). Scan time can vary based on the complexity of the location and other factors.

Can i embed the virtual tour on a website?

Yes. You can also share on social media.

Can i highlight key features, make punch lists, or add other media & information to my space?

Yes! You can annotate your 3D spaces with helpful descriptions, call-outs prices, or links to other resources.

Do you handle projects outside Lagos and Nigeria?

Yes! We have the capability to support projects within and outside Nigeria.