3D construction walkthroughs

Mobile visualisation tool to share information with stakeholders, track milestones, risk assessment, and project marketing.

Measurabe 3D images

Measurable 3D images to validate as-built conditions, allowing you to spend less time on the field and more time in the office.

Construction documentation

Complete as-built documentation, ensuring knowledge is transferred between the builders and the facility managers for future maintenance and renovations.

Architects & Engineers

Compare design with as-built conditions, virtually walkthrough the site.

Facility Managers

Compare design with as-built conditions, virtually walkthrough the site.

Developers & Owners

Monitor and track milestones, know what’s happening on site with comprehensive as-built visual construction documentation.

General Contractors

Incorporate 3D scanning into your workflow to eliminate/mitigate rework, expedite field inspection and increase efficiency.

Interior Designers

Optimize your projects by capturing as-built structures in measurable 3D images and for further design and modeling activities.

Insurers & Loss Adjusters

Improve efficiency with our 3D capture technology for your insurance documentation, risk assessment, loss control, & claims management.

Cultural Spaces & Heritage Sites

Create accurate 3D model of the interior and exterior of cultural spaces to facilitate restoration activities and preservation of heritage sites.

Incident Management

3D Scanning can be used as an incident management tool to capture accident and investigation scenes in fully immersive 3D.

Project Management

Capture 3D model of large industrial manufacturing facilities and infrastructures like airports and refineries to improve efficiency in turnaround maintenance and overhaul work.

Civil & Infrastructure

Use reality capture technology to create accurate 3D point clouds and images to manage maintenance and repair of complex civil and infrastructural projects like roads and bridges


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