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Real estate developers want to show their properties in the best light possible. They often showcase their properties before the properties are fully finished by selling off-plan. Some of the developers that build multiple family units prefer to set up a fully furnished show apartment so that potential buyers can have a feel of the expected finished product and key into the project.

However, majority of property developers in Nigeria typically sell these homes unfurnished and some of these properties remain unsold after project completion.

A cost-effective way to show off empty commercial and residential spaces to your clients is through virtual staging. It involves digitally adding furniture to empty spaces to help buyers visualize how a real estate listing will look like when fully furnished. This could help property developers to stand out from competitors and save cost.

Also, home buyers a likely to me more attracted to real estate pictures showing well-furnished interior than photos of empty spaces. Staging a home for sale can help buyers see themselves living in the house and it could help simplify their home purchase decisions.

Also, real estate companies can use virtual staging to target a specific segment of the market as they can stage the home to reflect the lifestyle and demography of the target buyers. The home can be staged to look more classic, minimalist, rustic, modern, professional or wealthy lifestyle.

Whatever style a real estate company may be looking for, our staging team at 360human will be there to support. We also handle virtual renovation projects for properties that are yet to be completed. In addition, we can have the virtual staging done in a 360 panoramic form or incorporated into a walk through virtual tour.

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