The recent outbreak of coronavirus has led to increasing adoption of technology solutions in the digital space across online shopping, video conferencing as well as online schooling. Some of these trends are expected to remain in the long term even after the pandemic.

For example, consumers are realising the ease of making online purchases for their basic daily needs and will likely continue this practice post COVID-19.  Some of the technology companies that have benefited from increased adoption of virtual solutions include Zoom and Microsoft having seen a significant increase in the download of their apps and level of usage.

A trend we are increasingly noticing in the real estate space is the use of a combination of tools to remotely engage customers and showcase properties. In US for example, home buyers are giving offers for properties based on a virtual tour. We have also seen this in Lagos, Nigeria where some developers have hosted virtual open houses, leveraging on virtual tour and video calling solutions. This trend is expected to outlive the current virus outbreak.

The combination of a virtual tours and video conferencing app like Zoom or FaceTime has been helping real estate brokers to continue to maintain that personal touch while leveraging on the power of technology at the same time.

We think this will be a game changer going forward as customers become more comfortable with these technologies and we expect to see a greater adoption of technology by both the agents and customers.

We have been advocating the use of virtual tour to showcase real estate in Nigeria over the past 2 years. With the increasing adoption of video conferencing, virtual tours are now paired with video calls to remotely reach customers. This gives real estate companies the capability to host virtual open houses 24/7.

Here is a sample of the virtual tour we created for a real estate developer in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

5 Bedroom Duplex Bera Estate

Property developers are now sharing virtual tour links and videos with the pool of agents that work with to ensure that they are able to reach out to potential home buyers in spite of movement restrictions or buyer location.

If you are looking to incorporate virtual tour as one of your marketing tool, 360human will be there to support you. The cost of creating virtual tour for your space is quite minimal and this depends on the size of your property. We pride ourselves as the leading virtual tour provider in Lagos and indeed Nigeria, as we have worked on close to 200 projects over the past 3 years and worked with leading real estate companies in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, Ibadan and Kano States.