Importance of Virtual Tour / Documentation For Home owners


Home owners can benefit immensely from creating a digital replica of their properties for documentation purposes in case of an emergency.

Creating a digital record of residential and commercial properties using the latest 3D Scanning technology has the following benefits:

Insurance Claims Processing: It can be used for processing insurance claims in case of a disaster (i.e Fire). A fire incident can wipe out an entire home or business, leaving nothing standing. If you have a 3D walkthrough virtual tour to present as part of your insurance claim, you will be able to prove without a doubt what was present. It will show your representative the property precisely as it looked before the catastrophic event.

When traumatic events occur, it can be challenging to remember what is missing. If you don’t have an inventory of the items, then the value of your claim might not be as high as it should be.

Home Documentation
Home Documentation by 360Human (Click image to explore)

Home Inventory Documentation: It can be used to itemize belongings for insurance claims and to keep track of receipts, serial numbers etc. In the event of fire, theft or water damage, creating a digital twin of your space will help eliminates any question as to what was taken or destroyed. This can also be updated on a regular basis to ensure it reflect the current state of the inventory of items in your building.

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Escape Routes : Facility managers can use the virtual tour to map out escape routes. The digital documentation of a property can come in handy during emergency drills and training to quickly identify and visualize escape routes in case of an emergency.

Other benefits of using 3D scanning for our home documentation include:

Password Protection: The virtual tour can be password protected to ensure it can not be viewed by anyone outside your household.

Reusable Marketing Tool: The virtual tour will certainly come handy when a property is up for rent/lease or sale in the future.

You can reach out to 360Human for more information or give us a call on 09096482907 if you require support for your project in Lagos or any where in Nigeria.

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